Apparently, my friend was playing Black Ops with his clan and this girl joined the lobby with her clan. In his exact words, “She was being a dumb whore.”  So, she is talking to her friends and then mentions someone on their team. He said he didn’t hear what she said after that but then his friend mentioned that she randomly added him. His friend asked her why she added him and she said that he sounded like he was attractive. My friend starts cracking up and she asks him what’s so funny. He responds by asking her why she feels the need to add people who “sound” attractive. She doesn’t really respond and so he asks her if she thinks she’s attractive. She says yes and my friend asks why she needs to play Black Ops for guys. She then proceeds to attempt a defense and my friend interrupts her with, “Why don’t you just stick that PS3 controller up your vagina since that’s the only action you are ever going to get since all of these guys don’t live anywhere near you.” Apparently she backed out really fast and blocked the guy she added. Sorry. I’m dying right now. LAWL! 

Call of Duty: My friend just called me to tell me this story and I’m crying because I’m laughing so hard.


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