Ibuki sayings


Devote yourself to your training!I don’t think you understand what Shinobi moves are all about.I’m the best there is!It was my destiny to win.There’s no second chance in the real fight!

Useless try; you were beaten from the beginning!

Ibuki: Excuse me! Do you know where I can find the ice cream shop in Harajuku?
Sakura: Wow! You must be a Ninja! Way cool!
Ibuki: Oh no! You saw through my disguise with a mere glance! Now I must silence you to conceal my identity!
Sakura: I think almost anyone could tell you’re a Ninja… But I accept your challenge if it’s a fight you want!


Ibuki: Excuse me, are you a Sennin?
Oro: That’s right. I’m the great Sennin! What do you want, girl?
Ibuki: (He’s as old as they get, but he is also a master fighter, I guess…) Well, I know it’s unusual, but I’m in the middle of a graduation exam. They won’t allow me to pass unless I defeat you in 5 minutes… So… Fight with me!
Oro: What?! I thought you wanted to go on a date with me! I’m disappointed!

Hey, I’ll tell everyone you put up a good fight, okay?I can’t let anyone know that I wasted my time on a loser like you!I don’t think you’d last long at all if you were in my village…I have clothes that are much more fashionable than this! Believe me!I’m sorry it went so quickly! A girl’s gotta have fun, you know!Please don’t look, I have to change outfits and I’m out of bombs…That wasn’t the most efficient way to knock you out, but it worked!What a crazy graduation exam! Being a Shinobi isn’t easy!


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