Redshesaid wrote:I know your gorilla/chimp looking ass aint talking! loking like a dman field slave! get outta here! you aint nobody! you have alot of low self esteem to even join a forum like this, much less TRY to talk shit.
Funny how you talk about phan being tan, she aint tan you dumb bitch. People who are light will apeear light in cam regardless! i bet if she was white/latina/middle eastern than youw ouldnt say shit! you probably would because youre a hateful jealous bitch! get some blotting paprs for that greasy ass face!
you are one hateful ass bitch! you have some nerve to talk when you look like a fucken orangutan! you hate on females you will never be because youre ugly! posting on GG makes you feel better about yourself because the world shuns your ugly face. Not even in the asian/ black community would u be considered attractive! please upload youtube vids so ppl can tear ur ass up! ur safe hear amongst other bitches but ppl will tear u another asshole! go out in the real world! 2 words will have u spinningfor day! i dunno if an australian kangaroo has kicked you outside ur head to give u the gall to upload ur ugly ass pic, and that tacky lace glove? ahahahahhahahahahah bitch, ur NOTHING! u look like something out of those children books-where the wild things are!
youre obsessed as fuck from ppl who look better than your ass, youre mad youre dark and no amount of lighting/makeup/miracle will make ur muddy dirty skin light! becuz u were never light to begin with! GET SOME DAMN BLOTTING PAPERS, UR GREASY ASS PIZZA FACE!
trash like u men dont even look at twice! ur pathetic! and u know damn well the white women on this forum are backstage racists, not too long ago there wer emany racial slurs against blacks and asians! they always bring up michelle’s skintone for a reason. because they would rather die than see an asian or a mixed person like andrea that is lighter than or near as light as them! thats all it is! and u know that! dont play dumb
u have horrid facial features! your lip and THICK nose combo is disguting! that shade of lipstick looks horrid on you!stop wearing makeup,makeup is for feminine womenot beastly hags! ugly bitches like you are the reason w hy men go gay! your nose is taking up all of your face! eyeshadow doesnt even show on ur hooded droopy dog looking lids! bitch u are UGLY! u look like one of those ugly samoans! When i first saw ur photo i thought it was a joke! a photo uploaded by ebaum’s world! ur face is ugly! I thank the Lord daily he ddint curse me with a face like yours! youre no kim kardashian,aishwarya rai,marilyn monroe,megan fox,adriana lima,etc! ur an ugly DEEBO! ur the female that people pose next to for making themselves appear better looking. Any ugly person can pose next to you and u would make them feel better! ur the female no man even looks at!
youre ugly as fuck and you proved that haters are always ugly! GET OUTTA HERE WITH YOUR BUSTED LOOKING MUG! you aint nothing but a cheap azz CHINK! thats all u will ever be seen as!
your mad that throughout your life you were put down..most likely by your own you wanna grow some courage on the net! youre one spineless bitch! ugly goblins like u dont even get the time of day! this site is pathetic as is but when the opressed have become the oppressor and joining racist trash to bash other people..ur fucken sick! u uncle tom! u know damn well those women on the forum dont give 2 shits about u!
I copied your photo and YES i will be reblogging so ppl can laugh at what beasts lurk behind the screens AT gg! I already did that and ppl are laughing their asses off!
ugly bitch! I leave you up to God though! every comment you make! GOD WILL SMITE YOUR ASS!
keep running ur mouth u jealous bitch

LOL did I upset you? Go find a better hobby than try to insult me with pitiful attempts of degrading my own self-esteem with a teenage attitude. Right now you are doing exactly what MP did on that teen girl on twitter but it seems you are just annoyed at my pics. Say what you will….bullying individual members on a basis of nothing is tolerated on this forum so please leave like you once came. Goodbye!.

Sorry typo on that last sentence.

“Say what you will….bullying individual members on a basis of nothing is not tolerated on this forum so please leave like you once came. Goodbye!.”

Actually humor me with my pics…it just proves you are a bully that’s trying to prey on someone. I would actually like to see where you are placing up my pics & to see the comments. It would be hilarious to see such immaturity. 

I don’t think you are a terrible personality at all but your persona/personality that’s coming through reeks of lack of experience in life. Just from my perspective you dont get it. It’s all good from you tho, u tried but PHAILED!

Have a nice day & I hope that using the word of GOD doesn’t backfire in the sense of karma.

One thing what I dont get is why Phan’s of MPhail try this tactical approach, it does remind me of the bullying MP did on that twitter incident, lame really. (-_-) 


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