With only 2 days left until the launch of Halo Anniversary there are still people that are unsure about all the details, so here is a short overview! Halo Anniversary is a remake of the original Halo and will be 3D compatible, it contains a fully remastered campaign which includes fully remastered visuals and sounds, 6 multiplayer maps and one firefight map, the multiplayer is Halo Reach multiplayer and contains the same ranking system, which means you carry on from where you left off in Reach. The campaign will contain special features such as the ability to go back to the original graphics from the press of the button, terminals and all new skulls! Halo anniversary is kinect compatible with features such as throwing a grenade, beating down an enemy or reloading your gun just by saying a voice command! It will also feature a scan ability which will allow you to scan dead enemies (or weapons and vehicles) which will provide you with a 3D image of the enemy with information about it! Halo Anniversary will come with some DLC, a 48 hour gold membership, a code to allow you to download the multiplayer maps to your hard drive so you can play them of your Halo Reach disk and (for those of you that have pre ordered) you will receive 2 codes one for a MJOLNIR powered assault armour for both a male and female avatar and the grunt funeral skull. For those of you who want more specifics just message me in my ask :)  

The Halo Man: Halo Anniversary quick overview!


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