Follow Friday: Vidya Game related blogs on Tumblr edition.

Kim Rom: Kim is the Chief Marketing Officer for a company called Steel Series. Kim and Steel Series recently did something really awesome for everyone on our blog network and we are very thankful for it. Kim makes the gaming industry and the world a better place. Follow him ASAP and your Tumblr dash will be better because of it. 

Bowtie Cat: To keep this simple… it is the only gaming blog on Earth where you can get you news from a cat wearing a bow tie. Follow them to get a even more gaming goodness daily. 

Miscii : Fun, playful quirky gaming jewelery & crafts by Celesté made for everyday wear. Check out Miscii and be sure to follow her

Staff Spotlight: Insanely Gaming. If you aren’t already following Mallory from it8Bit’s personal gaming blog, you should take the time to click here to follow now. 

Note from InsanelyGaming: Thanks for the Staff Spotlight! Make sure you follow all of these wonderful super duper blogs.


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