I wantz a Silver Chocobo to make me some $$$

This guide was made using what was mentioned in the piggyback strat guide and my person results and experimenting in the races. I know there have been numerous topics ranging from best chocobo to use and where to get materials for leveling. So I am making this to cover everything in one area.

1. Get the Silver Chocobo. This one is located in Acedamia 4xx in the room with Hope and Alyssa. Use enhanced mog throw to toss mog towards the green projection of cocoon. 

2. Next you need to obtain materials to level your bird. I use only potent items because you will still get the highest speed and stamina without having to use materials that are better used on other monsters. You will need 36 potent orbs, 42 potent essence, and 24 potent crystals. I may be off by a few numbers on those but it is in those ranges. 

3. Where to get these items you ask? All of them can be farmed in the Archlyte Steppe. 

Level 3 Materials: Buccaboo, Buccaboo Ace (30%)
Level 4 Materials: Hedge Frog (15%), Mud Frog (15%), Swampmonk (20%), Caterchipillar (5%)
Level 5 Materials: Microchu (30%)

Make the weather rainy and go to the marshes. There is a small island in the center with a red cactuar stone next to it. Just run around the island and fight. It should not take you too long. . 

4. Once you have your materials go ahead and level your chocobo to 45. This will give you an A in both stamina and speed for the races. 

5. Next you want to capture the following monsters if you haven’t already:
-Pulse Gladiator (Archlyte Steppe-Cloudy Weather-spawns near the gate you unlock after fighting the 3 giant cactuar)
-Cactuar (Archlyte Steppe-Sunny Weather-spawns in the Plains of Eternity area of the map. This is a rare spawn so when you do fight it use your feral links to boost chances of getting it. The monster drop rate for it is 33.33%
-Microchu (Archlyte Steppe-Rainy Weather-spawns on the small island where you farmed the materials in the marshes. You most likely have it by now after the farming you did.

6. Go to infusion and perform the following: 
-Infuse the lvl 1 gladiator to your chocobo to get the Second Wind Racing ability. 
-Next select the lvl 1 cactuar and infuse it to your chocobo to get the Sprinter Ability. 
***Now this next part is optional in my eyes but some people say you should do it. I personally did not fuse this last monster and was able to stay undefeated in my racing career. I recommend it if you are having trouble with the longer races***
-Level the microchu you caught to 24 and infuse it to your chocobo. This will give you Marathoner and Health Nut racing abilities.

7. The final step is putting an adornment on your awesome silver chocobo, giving it a cool name like Flapper, and registering it for the races. ***Always use the last racing strategy and do not use your boost until Blue Streak is activated***

8. Closing comments
-The reason I did not infuse microchu is because of the Health Nut ability. What that does is makes sure your chocobo never falls below normal mood. While that means you will rarely if ever have to use a chocoboost/chocobull, your payout odds for betting on yourself will stay the normal 2.2 so if you care planning on making casino coins I don’t recommend fusing a lvl 24 microchu. With the amount of coins you will be making you can easily purchase, not to mention win in races, mood boosting items. 
-Now if you find that you are not doing well in the 1200m and 1800m races, level a microchu to lvl 5 and infuse to your bird to get marathoner

In my personal experience, I did everything listed in this guide other than infusing microchu and still go undefeated in all the classes including the Fal Cie class.

silver chocobo

chocobo races


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