Egotistical Statement about herself

Egotistical Statement about herself

The honest truth on that little written bit of MP:

“I’m an artist (which didnt complete her studies) & a non qualified MUA teacher. My videos are best described as; dated, edited to the way I want it to be & artistic thanks to my previous BF & others in the past whom helped me out on the editing process or co-operated to make the videos. I’m a painter who tried to finish her Ringling College of Art & Design but didnt complete my course (I havent shown my certificates as proof of completing my course, I went to Youtube cause it was the best way of making $$$ at the time) which is why I am so focused on Youtube. Makeup is another medium to me. When I see a face, its a canvas, but I try my best to make it a masterpiece since I’m not a fully qualified MUA.”

Truth sometimes hurts doesnt it MP…please in future dont lie on websites it will be a wolf attack when actual stuff does go down & the real basic stuff is lied about.


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