Gaming History

So who’s me…I am usually on the world of XBL (Xbox Live) I was luckily featured on the Gamer spotlight in Dec 2010 for the american players. If you want to be featured don’t be afraid to ask me how to.

I have played the sega mega drive with my close family friend since a child. Shinobi, Streets of rage, Columns, Golden Axe. Playstation then took over as I grew up even older, Mortal Kombat 3 was the rage & always played in trying to have friendly battles & try out new combos or tried new cheats from books etc. LOL those were the fun days.

Timezone & Playtime back in the day were the local arcade places where kids were able to play games that couldnt afford consoles. DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) MvsC2 (Marvel vs Capcom2) Tekken3, Virtua Fighter, Racing games, Time Crisis, Ticket games (such as whack a mole & basketball hoops) were all the rage.

Gameboy & Gameboy colour with the Mr game & watch games, Super Mario World, Pokemon Red & Blue, Tetris… (I have to raid my game collection & find them again) Pokemon yellow, Silver & Gold.

I have Final Fantasy games from 1 to 13 except number 11 (as its exclusively just online MMorpg) I always loved Final Fantasy 7 Cloud, Tifa & Yuffie are my favourite characters & the favourite from the series. I do some written role playing on some Final Fantasy sites. Interested, just ask me & I can show you.

Playstation 2 has become one of my beloved consoles of all time & the RPG game I fell inlove with thanks to a friend is Shin Megami tensei series which also is the Persona series. I don’t recommend the series to young players to play until they are at least 16 years old. There’s alot of mature stuff in the game.

Theres other games I enjoy such as Virtua Fighter, Soul Calibur, Tekken series, Marvel vs Capcom series, Rogue Galaxy, there’s other but I cannot remember them all LOL

This is my player advertising page on Facebook (anyone is welcome to join)

I do some Photoshopping in my spare time (making graphics or some typography pieces). Most of you might get to know me as the lady that takes alot of pictures or video footage.

Anyone thats into Dragon Age should definitely look into playing on Facebook is Dragon Age Legends. It has unlockable items & stuff once you progress through the game a bit & its one that I find enjoyable for all.

So what do I want to achieve in life? I want to share my gaming experiences with others. I’m very happy that Ron West ( had come into my community & is able to hold competitions that allows the Hunter region players to come around & have fun besides some friendly competitive gaming. I hope to spread this around Australia to hopefully make this a success for future gamers.

(I will finish this at some stage)


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